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Nicola Lenton FCCA


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With more than 25 years of experience in the practice environment Nicola joined Dexter and Sharpe in June 1999. She was made a partner in 2004 and is a resident partner at the Boston office.

Nicola enjoys offering practical solutions to the problems her clients may be facing and working with them to solve their problems. She takes pride in being able to achieve a positive result even when this wasn’t expected. In recent years Nicola has gained extensive experience in the specialised sector of Charities something which she finds both enjoyable and rewarding. Her extensive audit experience has led her to become the Senior Statutory Auditor for Dexter and Sharpe. She is also well equipped to deal with a wide range of business sectors and is a member of the Dexter and Sharpe training committee.

Outside of the office Nicola enjoys spending quality time with her children and can often be found at local swim meets cheering on her son. She enjoys relaxing on a evening with a good book or putting her mind to the test with a jigsaw or cross stitch.

If Nicola were stranded on a desert island other than her children, she would take the very practical approach of having matches “as you need fire for cooking food, sterilising water etc”.

If Nicola wasn’t an accountant where would she be? As a child Nicola always wanted to join the Police force and she even became a Special Constable for a while. Fortunately for local criminals, having passed all the interviews and fitness tests she had to wait until she was older before joining, and that’s when her interest in accountancy started “I liked it that much that I never looked back”.