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Colin Tyte FMAAT CertPFS


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Colin splits his time between the Horncastle and Bourne offices but don’t ask him to pick his favourite!

Colin enjoys taking a hands-on practical approach in helping his clients grow their business and is passionate about being a vital component in their journey. Colin not only has extensive audit experience but his many years as a general practice accountant with Dexter and Sharpe means he has a vast experience in many different sectors including retail businesses, motor traders, the construction industry and hair & beauty salons.

Colin likes to compensate for his desk job by spending as much time as he can with his three young children and his wife, Amy. By his own admission he enjoys spoiling his family with days out and “making memories for the future”. Colin can often be found donning a white apron and cooking in the kitchen to help him unwind after a day’s ‘number-crunching’. Colin also has a long held passion for dance music and will often spend a weekend away at a music festival seeking out new genres of music, although he has finally upgraded from a tent floor to a hotel bed.

If Colin were stranded on a desert island he would want to take a solar-powered jet ski, firstly to have fun with whilst circling the island but also with the ulterior motive of having a chance to return to civilisation.

If Colin wasn’t an accountant where would he be? Well of course he would be a superstar DJ and producer with his own villa and beachfront bar in Ibiza. “Unfortunately this wasn’t so much of a career when I left school, so I trained in accountancy instead!”