Dan Mountain ACCA, B.A (Hons) Lincolnshire : Dexter & Sharpe

Dan Mountain ACCA, B.A (Hons)


Dan Mountain ACCA, B.A (Hons)

During my time at Dexter & Sharpe, I have been building up a portfolio of clients that cover a wide range of business sectors.

At the forefront of my professional duties, I place the development of relationships with my clients, both new and current. Ultimately, I care about my clients businesses just as much as they do.

Whilst many would believe that I am still very young to be an associate, I have a wide range of expertise on my side which make me a fast pace and diligent learner. From obtaining a First Class B A Honours degree in Accountancy by the age of 21 to qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant by the age of 24; I strive for success for both my own professional skillset and to also allow my clients to achieve their own professional ambitions.

We asked Dan to name his favourite:

  • Food – Lasagne
  • Drink – Peroni
  • Film – Wolf of Wall Street
  • TV – Any good crime / edge of your seat series
  • Book – Zen Golf
  • Sport – Golf
  • Holiday (Place you’d most like to visit) – A South African Safari
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